Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Online shopping for you living outside the UK

I think this is something that is eventually getting everyone involved but why ?!?
I started online shopping when i was 15 and i loved it because i found an easier way for browsing for something that was cheaper than another store. Obviously then there was no such thing as a free delivery to all UK addresses , now i am 20 years old and i have noticed most online shops are offering free delivery worldwide. 

Which is great obviously ...
For people like me , who live abroad and know how much the shops rip you off here not because they want to but because they have to pay import fees and so on. So last night i ordered a few stuff such as hair styling sprays and makeup from a website called Feel Unique . ( Links are below) 

Feel Unique is so good because it even sells hair dyes and house stuff (just the basic things but still !!) its kind off like Look Fantastic but with less brands and more variety. This website offers all the time free worldwide delivery , i think its based in the UK . 

Some other online stores that dont offer free worldwide delivery say that it goes by weight or its an extra £1.95 per item which at the end of the day if you add up how much your paying to get these things delivered you would rather keep the money and buy something with it. 

Asos has free world wide delivery as well , so last night i sat for hours getting my basket full -checked out to find out my OPI nail varnishes couldnt be shipped because of liquid restrictions. Boo to you Asos (apart from that they have really good deals for clothes and stuff) .

If you like your luxury designer names you can shop at places such as Net-a-porter which is wow but is a staggering £20 delivery , its worth it im not going to lie because your items come in luxury strong black boxes and black tissue paper with gift cards and within 2-3 days (Europe) . 

My point is i know how shops can rip you off here abroad and i recommend to do your research online and see which place gives you better offers and is more convenient. The other problem you might have is not finding the brands you want to get here so once again search online and somewere will sell it and im sure even if it doesnt have free delivery if your desperate you will pay that amount. Its crazy i mean there are even British Supermarkets willing to send you magazines , cookies from M&S and so on ...

The web is so beneficial to me , it has saved me so much money , time and hassle . For anyone who doesnt online shop , get shopping !! For anyone who does already here are some great online stores that offer free delivery or good deals. 


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