Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Soap Shack Haul and first impressions

The Soap Shack is a company that specializes in handmade creams , scrubs , bath stuff and so on..
What i really like is that she doesnt just concentrate on the aromatherapy appeal but the remedy side of things. 
I like how she has a signature eczema cream (which i didnt get a sample off) but even though i didnt get to try i think its such a great idea and im sure its a best seller. 
The company has been going for around 7 years and her products can be found at Inverurie and Farmers Markets- she also says how she attends local charity events.

Anyway moving on so far i can tell you that she is a reliable seller and how do i know this ?!? Trust me the process of getting samples goes through the whole process of shopping the only thing that is different is the money business. 
She is very friendly and very anxious but in a good way i noticed she really cares about wether you receive your product and wether your satisfied in it. 
Her prices are reasonable enough , they are cheap and i hope the products are really good quality!! (They look fab) 

The Soap Shack Facebook Page 
This seems to be the only online place to be able to buy her products from , i noticed she has business cards as well that you can see in the photos that i took and she has her mobile number there as well for ordering &queries i guess.
Her facebook fan page is very easy to shop with because in the info she has all the prices listed and you basically look at the gallery and select what you want and i take it either email her, ring her , message her or comment on her facebook wall what you want to order. In general i have noticed a lot of people have been happy with their orders and there is also a review tab on her page. By the looks of things she is going to get a facebook shopping tab were you basically shop online as if it was an online shop , for now it says coming soon. 

How did i find contacting her
You will get a quick response which is really important to me wether its by email or her facebook , she will respond to you very quickly. She is very friendly  and can help you choose the appropriate products for your skin type. 

Too much talking now lets begin with the fun bit ...

The Soap Shack Haul 

To start off with the package arrived safe and sound, there was no problems she had put some of the foamy things inside as well to make sure no breakage to the products. They were wrapped in yellow tissue paper and smelled great. 
The items themselves came in a little material drawstring box i want to say its called which is super cute if you want to give a gift to someone. 

So lets begin with what i got ...

Coffee Scrub 
Packaging is great for this item , it smells like coffee and looks it however it isnt the only ingredient in the scrub. There is also brown sugar and some oils... I do agree with the label , it definitely is going to be messy but the results will be great- i have a lot of faith in this product.  

Chamomile Boo Boo Cream (Pocket Size)
This was such a clever idea who would of thought of it.. To be honest when i first saw it i thought it was a lip butter and then i saw the label that said it is a soothing and healing cream. I guess you could use it on your lips if they were a bit chapped but its also good if you are very sensitive or bit clumsy. I really really like the idea of this and im going to start carrying it around with me from tomorrow and let you know where it came in handy . The packaging i love for this the only thing im worried about is the way this item is dispensed. We'll see... Oh and it smells like Chamomile with a touch of mint.

Solid Shampoo Sandalwood, Bergamot and Lemongrass
This made me think interesting ... the only company i have ever seen that does solid shampoos is Lush . I have never tried this before and its going to be very interesting to see the difference between the liquid shampoo and this solid shampoo. I think though when its in the form of soap the only problems you'll have is the whole fuss of sitting and making it foam. I know this from my Clinique Facial cleanser i bought the soap and then i was too lazy and bought the liquid form. But hey if this product works wonders then who cares... The product itself smells off lemon with a citrus twist id say. The packaging is good because it means i can put the soap in the plastic container again. 

Lime ,Basil and Mandarin Bath Bomb
This smells very citrus like which i love. Ive noticed people have been saying that the bath bombs by the Soap Shack make the whole bathroom smell lovely after wards. Theres not much i can say about a bath bomb for now apart from the fact that it is a very generous size and looks like it is a slow fizzer (which is good). The packaging is nice for this as well !! 

I can generally say my room already smells nice from these products but not in a heavy scented way more of natural way as if i have sprayed a room spray . I think My favourite product is going to be between the Coffee Scrub and The Chamomile cream but i could be wrong. Can everyone please go check it out and in the mean time look out for the blog posts for each of these items that i will be reviewing. 

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