Monday, 18 April 2011

Soft lips Scrub herbal remedy

Do your lips feel dry and chapped ...
Then do this quick and easy remedy and you will be enjoying soft kissable, smooth lips. 

You will need ...
One tablespoon of honey 
On teaspoon of sugar 
Little bowl

Lets start !!!
Add one teaspoon of sugar .
This will help your lips exfoliate and help them become more softer.  

Add  one tablespoon of honey. 
The more organic the more friendlier for your skin remember . This helps cure chapped and dry lips.

Mix them together and you should get a paste like this. 

Pick the paste up with your fingers and gently start scrubbing for a few minutes massaging it onto your lips and then leave it on for another minute untouched so your lips absorb this. 

Thats it your done !!!
So simple !!

Do this before a night out , to ensure your lips are looking glamorous and kissable!! oh and your lipstick looks good on them. 

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