Sunday, 10 April 2011

Softer & moisturized hands herbal remedy.

All of a sudden i got this random eczema on my skin and i couldnt stop itching it while i was sleeping for the past week. So i decided to put my knowledge together (im not saying i have invented this) and make a remedy for dry , itchy hands. 

Before i start can i just say sorry for the photos badly taken, it was hard to do considering my hands were covered in scrub and i had to take a photo. 

You will need:
Olive oil 
2x bowls 

Extra's ... Bath salts

To start off get one of your bowls fill it up with normal/warm water and put around 2tbs of salts in your bowl of water and let it sit.
This is optional if you choose not too then simply just leave the water to the side to sit. Putting bath salts is just an added oomph for the water and your hands as it will make them smell and relax them more. Also please dont stick to my measurement of salts your bowl might be bigger for example , make sure there are enough to work their magic. 

Next get your other bowl and pour some olive oil in to it round about 2tbs . The purer the olive oil the better. 
Olive oil is a great ingredient because it has lots of purposes for example whilst it is moisturizing our hands it is also exfoliates our skin.

Then i am going to add some sugar mixed with salt. Stir them around ...
Sugar helps keep your cuticles in place and it also leaves your hands with silky like results. Salt polishes the skin whilst exfoliating it - it also leaves a glow they say however if you have sensitive skin beware. 

Using the scrub get bit by bit at a time and gently start covering your hand with the paste and then eventually start massaging it for 5 minutes. 
People think a lot of the time that you simply put it on and take it straight off and the magic will be done . This is incorrect , you need to get the blood flowing and get the paste concentrated to every angle of your hand and nail.

Once you have done that simply place your hand in the bowl , let it soak for about a minute then tip the water over or wash your hands in the bowl to get rid off the paste. 
I found the salts as well helped give my hands a fragrance . Take your time and be gentle . Once the paste has come off you will notice that your hands have an oily residue , if you are patient for a couple of minutes it should eventually dry up and then you may go dry your hands. 

The result ...
Will be silky , moisturised , polished and exfoliated hands and nails. 

(Can i just add as well to add as much sugar and salt you think is needed , for anyone interested i have around 2tbs of each. )

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