Sunday, 17 April 2011

'Till the world ends ' inspired eye makeup

For anyone who hasnt seen the video , go see it !! 
Anyway i saw Britney Spears smokey kind of eyes and thought it would be really nice to show a simple way of doing them. 
Now the products i have used are listed below but you can use anything similar to achieve this look...

Benefit big beautiful eyes (darkest brown eyeshadow for my brows)
Lancome eyeliner 
17 liquid eye liner 
Bourjois bronzer 
Loreal Mineral foundation (sorry i forgot to take a photo of it)
Bourjois Clubbers mascara 
Bourjois white eyeshadow 
Eyeshadow palette

Lets begin !!!

To start off make sure you have no makeup on. 

Next get your white eyeshadow and gently place it all over your top lid and lower lid. 

We are doing this to create a bit of shine when other colors are placed on top and a brighter eye look. 
Dont go crazy and go all ice queen !!

Next get a color similar to the one i am talking about , which is a skin like brown it should be very very neutral. (Number 1)
For some reason they look glittery , they arent and it is even lighter than what it seems. 
Place number 1 all over your lid up to the brow bone and make sure you place some on the lower lid. 

The white underneath your brow is going to act as a highlighter thats why were not covering it!!

Then we are going to put number 2 on your crease and a little bit on the lower lid and then place some of number 3 on your crease up to the point you can feel your brow bone. 

The colors we are using should gradually be getting darker (number 1 being the lightest and number 3 darkest brown color.) . You will be left with this brown light smokey effect .

We are now going to take our eyeliner pencil and thickly trace around all of our eye. Then we are going to add thinly some liquid eye liner all around the eye , watch out for the corners of your eyes. 

Dont be scared !! Were not going to leave this like this. We are then going to get an eyeshadow brush and trace over the eyeliner and blend and blend to create a smokey and less sharpened look. 

Then re-trace THINLY with a pencil eyeliner and put some mascara on and walla your done !!! Oh and fill in your eyebrows...

(It doesnt help the fact i have dark feautures but you get the point !!) 

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