Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vichy 3 in 1 Best Cleanser/toner/eye makeup remover !!

Vichy is a brand which im not going to lie i had never used until 2 years ago , when someone had pointed out to me that the best cleanser was this one. 
So i decided to give it a go and here i am 2 years later loving it and never giving it up. 

What i love about this product is the fact that when you put it on it doesnt just take everything perfectly but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and calms it down. 
I have acne prone skin and i can remember i took my makeup off and the next day my skin was looking great. 

You can purchase this from Boots for around £10.00 or anywere else online , it is available in Greece from all chemists as well. 

Please do try this product out and give it go , i promise it will take your makeup off instantly and all your eye makeup whilst soothing your skin. 
What a bonus its inexpensive and good quality !!

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