Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Want to enhance your mans eyes ?!?

First of all let me start off by saying that when we women look at a man the first thing we look at are his eyes. 
Men might not necessarily wear makeup to enhance their looks but they can certainly use natural looking ways to enhance one of the key features on a mans face, the eyes.

4 ideas i have found for you which i am actually trained in ...

1) Groom the eyebrows 
Men make such a huge fuss over how there eyebrows look too over plucked and bla bla . All im saying is by simply just doing the middle of the brow or plucking any strain hairs it will give a much cleaner look to the face . Try plucking your mans brows 5-10 hairs every day to create a gradual plucked eyebrow that no one will notice.  

2)Dye the eyebrows
I suggest this option for men who have white hair or blonde- you can use it on dark hair it will only make them more bolder . This is really good to hide ageing signs or to show off and give a definition of your eyebrow. 

3)Dye the eyelashes 
Dyeing your mens eyelashes will give the same results mascara gives meaning bolder , colorful and more defined eyelashes. Great way to enhance the eye color. 

4)Perm the lashes
Extreme but listen me out. This is really good for men who have straight lashes or hardly any it will give them a curve that will last around 6 weeks . It will lift them and once again give more defined lashes. If you are not sure about this procedure get an eyelash curler heat it with a hairdryer and curl for about a minute and see if your man likes the result. 

These are also good tips for women as well and believe it or not the amount of men who get this treatment done is amazing. This is because it is the only way for them to enhance their face features without having to wear makeup and it looks natural . So get talking to your man and get persuading!!!

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