Friday, 29 April 2011

White chocolate luxury foaming body wash 3/5

Hi everyone , i talked about Linzis Yummys quite a while back and i had showed you a haul of the items she had sent me , for anyone who is interested in the links they will be placed below. 

I was sent this luxury foam mousse like body wash which i actually really liked the look off as it wasnt your usual body wash. Im gonna state from the start the smell wasnt my cup of tea (i dont like any food like smells , im more of a fresh smell person) . 

To start off, the packaging i found great and handy for a product that is a mousse . 
The label and information was all very useful and colorful.

The mousse itself when placed on the skin foamed a bit but in general didnt need much rubbing in it was basically putting it on the skin and then massaging it on. 
That was the good thing about this product it required zero effort for something that you normally have to rub in and work the product to create the foam. 

On the other hand i found that having a mousse like mixture tends to run out easily and this product did, so if there was a away to make it a gel form then please do !! It is though for me an added luxury for an aromatherapy bath or session. (if you have time on your hands)

The smell does last on your skin afterwards and it does leave your skin feeling soft and gentle. It was a bit hard working with mousse on an everyday shower basis , i just felt it was more for the aroma rather than cleaning my body. 

I would buy this product again for an added luxury , a gift or a treat when you have had that bad day. 
I would only use this on a daily basis if it was in a gel form and more economic the product itself. 

In general Linzi is so nice i know for a fact she would make alterations to this product if i asked her too, so please get in contact with her and see what you can do !!!

Purchase products via her website or facebook page. 

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