Sunday, 3 April 2011

Why go herbal remedy way & some tips for beginners

I got into herbal remedies 2 years ago when i started drinking tea. 
I was 18 at the time and i was obsessed about dieting .
I read about Green Tea and its dieting (and health) benefits and went straight out to the shops and started drinking it. 
It was one of the best things i did for my body. 
It really cleanses out everything and keeps your health in good condition. 
After seeing the benefits it made me want to learn more HEALTHY and more NATURAL ways to help my body. 

At the end of the day we go to the shops we buy a shower gel the agent that is placed inside of the shower gel to create the foam is another chemical quite frankly we know nothing about . 
Why is that we feel the need to know what were eating ...but never want to know what we are putting on our skins. 

I am not saying go completely natural as its very hard in the society we live in these days. 
The natural shampoo would make our hair not look as lively as it should even though it would be healthier for our hair its a trend that we cant afford to risk.
I am reccomending though wherever you can that you try your best to go herbal. 
A face mask 
A scrub 
Treating scars, wounds etc. 

I want everyone reading this to experiment one method they can think off and see if it works for them and keep trying different methods because at least you know that 5% of your body will be benefiting from something natural and healthy.

Tips for beginners
1) One of the easiest ways i learnt and memorized the herbal uses was through tea. Start drinking tea read the labels , google it find out why this specific tea is good for you. Nettle tea is good for an iron deficiency if you were to have any medical problems in the future due to iron your mind will straight away jump to getting a medicine based around nettle for example.

2)Herbal Remedy Encyclopedia , i have the Thomas Bartram one from waterstones i purchased myne the good thing about it is it has everything in medical terms , every illness you can think off its like a dictionary. The bad thing is i find the herbs quite hard to get but its good for a round about idea. 

3) Plant some and make your own!! The 100% way to be sure they are the pure thing . Try getting some key herbal plants such as aloe vera, chamomile , lavender and so on. 

4) Google everything ... You tube it whatever you want there are videos available showing you how to make your own oils , creams, air fresheners everything ... 

5)Enjoy!! It is so relaxing , due to the aromas ... aromatherapy . Very relaxing and stress free.

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