Saturday, 14 May 2011

Its nearly summer time, which means a lot of things ...

Ok guys so i can tell you that i recently clicked on and said to myself ..
''You do realize summer is practically here and you look a mess'' 
and i replied ..
''ah - oh''

Yes that is right damn you summer , everytime you sneak up on me and its always too late for me to make alterations and before i know it , im on a beach in a bikini and everyone is looking at me saying ...
''wonder what shes been eating this winter cause it looks bad !!''

So Yes guys im here with you readers now to warn you all .
If you have some sort of diet or whatever plans for summer get them sorted now , because summer is a bitch and wont warn you about anything. 

Glittermeup loves you on the other hand and has thought of some really good things you really should do if you are wanting that summer body , lovely glowing skin and them good looks . 
Summer is hot which means we wear shorts and little tops and no makeup . 
If you feel confident the way you are right now , going bare then skip this. 

To start off with summer time is ONLY for waxing . Its the season of wax- No i dont care if it hurts you because its hurts all of us but we want to look good!! The truth is its the most logic thing to do , at the end of the day im not a hairy person and when i shave , the next day (i dont know how) there are already little black dots of hair coming through the skin. If you have the patience to make sure everything is good and trimmed daily then - im impressed but if not get waxing !! Not only does it narrow the hairs that will grow back eventually , you will only have to do them every month. 

Suncream- If you think you look attractive with no makeup on and NO SUNCREAM well then congratulations but i can assure you in 10 years time you will look 30 years older than you should and your skin will take a leather like form . The sun is great , i love tanning but i always wear my sun cream because i dont want my skin to get any pigmentation , dark spots or lose its elasticity. 

Nails- No excuses anymore , its summer your toes and hands should be perfect   . Even putting on a top coat that is clear and cutting them to be rounded or square shaped makes a huge difference. Theres nothing worst than people wearing flipflops who have yellow nails. If you cant do them or you have any problems then go to your beautician it will be worth it just for summer. If your clever as well watch what she does so you can practise and save yourself the cash. 
An extra tip as well , if your struggling on what color to paint them then go for brights because this year colorful clashes are in . So go for green , pink , purple , blue shades etc or get a french mani and get the tip painted green for example. 

Body lotion- Is very important because it softens the skin and depending on what type you get can also help stretch marks to look better and cellulite. Please put some on , for the sake of your skin looking lookable who needs dry patches at the beach?!?  Also it will help enhance your tan ;)

Exfoliating- Please exfoliate your skin at least twice a week . Its important to get rid of the old skin cells and bring the new ones to the surface because it makes skin appear softer and not flakey - it will also help any ingrowing hairs and when you are hair removing. 

These are just some tips that i thought off ...
Look out for my blog post about things to do at the beach (beauty wise) 

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