Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lets talk !!

So ive got a few updates !!

I am going to be trying to make some nail tutorials via video at least one by the end of this month. 
I am currently trying out a few products and i am going to be writing about them. 
I have been trying to think of ways to do hair tutorials but sadly if i dont have a really good camera its hard for my camera to pick up any detail. 
Im hoping to do some more promoting for the beauty hamper one of you will win by simply joining our facebook page!!
At least two makeup tutorials and a herbal remedy. 

Now i havent been uploading much because im having problems with my mouse on my laptop so im hopefully going to have that sorted by Thursday . 
I really would love to hear your opinions , queries and anything else. 

Exciting news for any acne/scar sufferers , i went to see a dermatologist and he has given me this special cream to apply to my face which is supposed to help my acne and scaring go away. If this works i will make sure i post a blog about it and let you know the  name of this cream for you to ask your doctor to prescribe to you if he will allow this. 
Fingers crossed guys !!! 

I hope your tanning xo

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