Monday, 9 May 2011

Loreal volume architect 5/5

So i purchased this from feel unique all necessary links will be linked below as usual. 
Now i have fine hair and one of the things i must do is add some sort of volumising spray to see some volume... otherwise , forget it. 
So anyway , i was in need of a new spray for my hair and decided to order from feel unique as they ship abroad for free . 
I came across this spray and it didnt really make me click to buy it until i saw that it helps fine hair thicken. 

Which is one of the things i want to make clear. 
Volumising and thickening are two different things ( this does both) .
I was only buying volumising products , thinking it would make my hair look thicker when the truth is , i need my hair to appear it has more. 

Moving on... 
So what i loved about this product is first of all the bottle it comes in , the spray nozzle it has is so easy to use and handy because your hands dont slip , neither get sticky and so on. 
The spray itself smells very nice and comes in a creamy form which turns into obviously thin like water when sprayed. 
The  packaging is also very modern and white but it doesnt get dirty.
The spray itself is sprayed onto hair when (towel dried/damp) and then obviously i recommend aiming for roots of your hair and ends , then combing your hair through to make sure it is spread throughout. Then blowdry your hair (make sure you put some heat protection on as well) upside down and you should instantly feel volume and healthy hair. 

The pro's of this bottle is that it is light to hold , smells good and works and leaves shine to hair making it all look very natural. 

The co's are that it might be a little pricey for some and even though it hasnt ran out yet i feel like it is one of them products that will run out every month or two if used regularly. 

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