Friday, 13 May 2011

Period Tips and tricks !!

Ok so this is quite an akward subject to talk about but i only found all of this out because someone else talked about it ... if you get my drift. 
If we dont get courage to start talking about things like these then will never know some of the top stuff people are hiding that can make our life so much easier (and less painful) .

Lets begin...

Bananas - Did you know that bananas are good for our anger moments during this hard week of ours and also help the pain go away. 

Exercise - Ok so a lot of us cant be bothered to get up when were feeling so low and depressed and start running around but believe it or not when i have a lot of pain i get up and exercise for a couple of minutes and it makes a huge difference.

Paracetamols (Nurofen in my case) - I always make sure - as i suffer from bad pains, that i take nurofen a day before the pain kicks in to make sure things are all numbed up. 

Track your period and take notes- This is such an important step because if any problems occur in the future you will be able to show precise statistics of what was going on during that time. I use an iphone app called Period Tracker theres a free version and a version you buy . ( i have the free one , just as good ). 

Drink plenty of fluids, Hot water bottles , hot teas or soup . 
and of course chocolate !!!

If i missed anything out why dont you comment below and add your tip for us all to know .

Much love Glittermeup xo 

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