Monday, 27 June 2011

Bioten Haul

I saw these products advertising everywhere on Greek tv and magazines that is...
The actual first time i came in contact them was via a small sample in my magazine which i fell in love with. 
I wondered were i would be able to buy these from and one day when i was in the supermarket i came across them at amazing low prices. 

Thats when i decided to try these products out and see what i think of them and hopefully for some people out there who dont have at the moment a big budget they can afford to buy themselves some hopefully good quality creams.

This is my haul of Bioten products that i will be testing out in the next month and letting you know about them. 
So check out the haul ...
I dont know prices yet , as i was sent these by Bioten so im going to go to the supermarket and find out the prices !!
In the meantime check out the haul and enjoy !!


  1. I've heard a ton of good things about these products!I might have to give these a try soon...!:)

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