Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bobbles, Hair & their bad relationship...

We all tie our hair with a bobble/ hair tie however you want to call it. 
Did you know how bad bobbles are for the hair?
Im sure 90% of you wear this kind of bobble...

The problem with this bobble is the metal part which snaps hair and practically weakens it.
This is why these bobbles were made as shown below. 
They have no metal part and are a much healthier and safer version of a bobble. 

Now i bought these from Tesco in England they were by a brand called Hair Gallery . 
They were about 4 euro and i got 10 i think in a pack . 
I know you can get them on the internet especially ebay .
Here are a few links from some buyers on Ebay , may i add that im not recommending any of them im just showing you the product .

I think you get the drift i recommend you buy the hair ties in a similar color to your hair. 

Happy Buying and Watch your hair !!

1 comment:

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