Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bronze Goddess Makeup Tutorial

Today im going to show you how to do a classic bronze goddess look. 
This will look extremely good if you are tanned like me ...
If you are fair skinned take this a tone down , what i mean by that is use lighter colors to make it look more natural.
dark brown eyeshadow ---> you use light brown eyeshadow.
you get my drift?!?

Can i mention as well you dont have to use these products you can use similar ones ...

To start off with im going to apply my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel on my face. I love this cream because it gives a good base for makeup the alternative for this would be your daily face cream of face primer. Then im going to apply my suncream because the sun is shining outside , im using Clinique SPF 40 face cream. If you have a face primer or cream that has spf in you will not have to apply two creams to your face...

I have also put on my eyes my garnier roll on and a lip balm on my lips !!

Let the fun part begin now :)

To start off with im going to apply my foundation Loreal True Match Minerals ( Creamy Beige N3).
All over my face and neck.

Next up i am going to do my eyebrows (fill them in) . 
Using Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes in Brown version .
(Liner Shadow)

Then im going to apply white eyeliner in the corner of my eyes and dab it on top with white eyeshadow, blend it with the eyeliner and place some on your brow bone to highlight lightly. 
(eyeliner by rimmel 071 pure white and eyeshadow by bourjois 02 maxi blanc )

Then im going to apply eyeshadow all over the lid of my eye using Chanel 79 Spices the peach color.
Then im going to use the gold from the same palette and dab it underneath my eyes lightly and on the brow bone. Then using the brown shade from the palette im going to apply it all over the lid leaving a gap near the line of the lashes and stopping before reaching the brow bone. Blend...
Sorry for the photos , im in a rush ... if you want more detailed photos let me know.

Im going to thinly line the lash line with a black eyeliner (korres black eyeliner 1).
Apply mascara !
(Bourjois Volume Clubbing in ultra black) 

Now using my bronzer im going to brush my cheeks, my jaw, under my neck , my forehead and nose. 
Then im going to highlight my cheekbones lightly.
Bronzer- Bourjois bronzer 52
Highlighter-Prestige , skin loving minerals 03 pure shimmer.

Again sorry for the quality !!

Then im going to finally put my lipstick on a light pink or you can use a nude color .
(revlon -002 pink pout)

Thats it your done let your hair down and become a bronze goddess <3 

Im wearing Dress by Asos and Necklace by No Fashion Way 

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