Thursday, 23 June 2011

Chanel Les 4 Ombres (95 Sparkling Satins) 5/5

Really loved this palette.
Its such a night time glamorous look, these eyeshadows combined.
These eyeshadows are long lasting and dont crease. 
They have such good texture and they last long.
They dont crumble either. 

These eyeshadows retail around 40 -50 euro. 
They are amazing though as i said and do last. 
The packaging is always fantastic by Chanel .
I like these eyeshadows for creating a smokey like look.

I know its expensive and its out of some peoples budget but i always say when your giving 4 euro for an eyeshadow and its lasting a month and because of the quality of it you have to go and buy an eye primer as well. Add the costs up it works out the same... Your getting four eyeshadows... and no primer is needed trust me. 

The only thing i dont like about this product is just the fact it gets really messy at times and you have to clean it!
Try buying a single eyeshadow at first by Chanel to see wether you like it and then by the quadro range. 

You can purchase these from your local beauty store.

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