Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Clinique Face Cream SPF 40 5/5

Clinique Face Cream with SPF 40 
I purchased this last year from Greece (Hondos Center) for about 15 euro ( i think) .

I really loved this product for the following reasons ...
  • It has no scent.
  • Even though it is thick it is light when you apply it and rub it in.
  • It doesnt break me out .
  • It can be placed underneath make up (has a nice base for makeup)
  • It protects the face really well.
  • It lasts long. 
  • Its not that expensive!!

The above picture shows what the cream is like when placed on my hand . 
As you can see its white colored and is thick textured. 
That would be enough to cover my whole hand.

This is what happens when you begin to blend it in and obviously afterwards it dissolves. 
I really liked the size of the packaging its very handy to carry with you and i liked the protection it offered me.

I didnt come across any problems with my skin and even though i have acne prone skin - my skin NEVER broke out with this cream.
There are a lot of creams out there that make you break out. 
My best advice is to ask for samples from different companies and see what suits your skin best. 

I would buy this product again and if you are interested in buying this go to your local Clinique counter to see what other suncreams they have to offer for you. 

(this suncream is for all skin types) 

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