Sunday, 19 June 2011

Garnier Roll On (Eyes) 4/5

Garnier Roll on Eyes 15 ml 
I bought this in England from Superdrug for £6. 80 WAS £10.16 .
You should expect to pay for it around 13 euro im guessing . 

I was really interested in buying this product because of its roll on application . 
I dont know if you know but usually when applying eye cream we are advised to pat and massage it onto our eye.
This roll on application does the job for you which is what i really liked about it , quick and easy. 

Now as for the liquid itself i found it was good but not to an extent were i felt it got rid off my dark eye circles. 
This product for me is just goof to de-puff the eyes and keep them energetic. 

The price is very cheap in my opinion and i would buy it again but i just wouldnt rely on it to get rid of my dark circles. 
I recommend you use this as soon as you wake up , its much better . 
On the night time you use a normal eye cream that helps fight dark circles and wrinkles. 
The liquid itself is clear and sometimes can be a struggle to get it out of the tube. 

In Greece it is available at your local supermarket and Hondos Center. 
In the UK you can buy this product from your local supermarket and beauty stores and even online. 
Im sure same goes to any other countries. 

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  1. I wanted to buy that! The roll on with the tint, which acts like concealer too, but Garnier tests on animals and I am against that.

    Great review though! Very imformative :)

    Kisses :D

  2. @ anastasia its great that your against that and i didnt know this about garnier so thanks for informing me - i will keep that in mind!Thank you i try to keep my reviews very informative !! xo