Friday, 17 June 2011

Helena Paparizou Eye makeup tutorial

Helena Paparizou <3
This a tutorial for the eye makeup look shown below .

To start off with obviously apply your foundation as you would and only use bronzer or a neutral blush for your cheeks. 
We are going to start off with applying some white eyeliner from the corner of our eyes till the middle of the eyelid . (below and above)
Line your water line as well with white.

Then using some white eyeshadow your are going to apply it focusing on the areas you applied white eyeliner. Make sure you blend!!

If you need to line your brows discretely.
Then using a light brown eyeshadow (1) that is discreet (almost your natural color), cover the white bits apart from the corners and work it outwards. 

Then take a dark brown eyeshadow (2) and place it on your brow bone and blend to create a smokey look on the outer corner of your eyes. 

Then get a black eyeliner and place again lightly along your lash line but NOT the corner of your eyes. The key is to make your eyes look bold but make them look like theres no eyeliner on. 
Place it thinly on the bottom lid but again not in the corners.

Place some mascara on your eyelashes and bottom eyelashes. If you want to place fake eyelashes then go ahead but make sure they are natural because the look is very natural. 

You're done !!

Can i note please that the flash makes things appear lighter. 
The eyeshadow palette colors shown to you are actually darker than what they appear , they also do not have the shimmer in. Number 1 is a skin tone color. 
The white eyeshadow i placed is not gold , its really white but the flash makes it appear this way. 

Products i used
  • Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes (dark brown eyeshadow for eyebrows)
  • Eyeshadow palette from Ebay 
  • Korres Eye liner (1)
  • White Eyeliner by Rimmel (071 pure white)
  • Bourjois Clubbing Mascara (Ultra Black)
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara (01 Black)
  • Bourjois ombre stretch (02 maxi blanc) 


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  2. thank you, if you have any makeup requests dont hesitate to contact me xo