Saturday, 18 June 2011

How hair and men work !

So im lucky enough to have a close male friend who is willing to talk about how he feels about his relationship with hair. 
Youre going to say why men , this is a blog for women. 
The answer is Yes i know it is but i wanted to show to you the differences in the way we (women)  look at hair and treat it and because i have noticed a small amount of men are fans on this blog. Once every month a male blog post aint gonna hurt -after all you can show this to your boyfriend so he can learn a few tips. 

Moving on ...Lets get started !!

Do you find hair one of the most important features on a man and if so Why ?
Yes i do think it is because i feel it makes the mans face look better and completes its look. 

What is your hair type/style?
I have short, black, thick hair prone to dandruff. 

What shampoo do you use ?
Head and Shoulders/ Wash 'n' Go.

Did you specifically go out to buy this for your hair type or did you randomly select it?
Yes , i specifically went out to buy it due to my problem with dandruff. 

How do you style your hair/ with what product?
Wella Flex Hairspray Number 4 strength.

If you have a formal outing, how long would it take you to do your hair?
Half an hour. 

Does a female or male cut your hair ?
I go to a hair salon specifically for men only , a male cuts my hair. 

In summer/winter do you change your routine for your hair?
No , everything stays the same. 

If you could change one thing (hair) , what would it be?
Because my hair is so strong /thick , its really hard to style , i would make it more flexible. 

Have you ever dyed your hair , if not would you ?
No i havent dyed it, i would dye it black to cover my grey hairs. 

What hairstyle do you hate ?
Long hair that the rockers usually have.

Who is your hair icon ?
Robert Pattinson and Christiano Ronaldo. 
Their hair does so much talking  for them.

What tips would you give to other guys ?
Watch the products youre buying , i have witnessed a lot of my friends who buy products without doing their research and actually have bald patches now because it caused their hair to fall out. Im not necessarily suggesting you buy expensive , just read the ingredients and do your research for your hair type. 

How would you describe your hair in 3 words?
Nice, Fashionable, Sexy .

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