Monday, 13 June 2011

How to Big Lips ...

Lets create an illusion that our lips are bigger. 
I do have small lips but i can make them look so much bigger just by following a few steps. 

To start off put some foundation or concealer all over your lips to soak excess oils and to help the color last longer. 

Using a lip balm /lipozan that is tinted apply all over your lips.
 (Try and use a tinted color that is a light pink to create the idea of bigger lips -the darker the color the more smaller your lips look.)

Using a white eyeliner create a v shape on the top of your lips to highlight them and then blend it in.
(This will create a bigger top lip. ) 

Then place on top your lipstick (a light pink again) . 

Finally a light pink lipgloss to create again a volumised look and thats it your done!!

For all products i used check the list below. 
Lip balm - By boots (light pink)
Lipistick-By Revlon (002 pink pout)
Lipgloss- By W7 (light pink) 
White eyeliner - Rimmel (071 pure white) 

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