Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I Challenge YOU!!

Yes thats right i challenge you !!

You will need :
An Anti Cellulite Cream for weight loss

I will be using this above product as it is cheap and effective apparently. 
9.95 euro ...
Yes thats right !! 200 ml 
You can buy this at Sephora , Hondos Center and most cosmetic beauty stores .
As well as supermarkets such as Veropoulos. 

If you want to use a more expensive version then go ahead ...
Im going to be putting to the test for 1 month this cream that claims to lose 3cm from our body .
Obviously keep in mind a healthy diet. 

I havent tried this cream yet because i knew for me to try it , it has to be at a period of time were im willing to dedicate putting this cream on and looking after myself. 

So the challenge is you get a cream and you try it for 4 weeks and let me know what results you had. 
I recommend Bioten as it is cheap because most cellulite creams retail at 30 euro and above. 
Your honest opinion and myne will be said. 
This will all be included in my review for this product. 

Let me know what cream you will be using and keep me up to date about how you are getting on with your programme within the month. 

Glitter me up xo


  1. I use the same one! I saw ur post the other day and wanted to let you know but then I forgot! :P Do u want me to tell u now my results or leave it for the end of your month? ;)

  2. Leave it till the end of the month !! I will contact you so i can write about your experience you should do a blog post so i can link my post to yours :) xo

  3. ok!!! i'll do it within July! =)