Monday, 20 June 2011

June 2011 Favorites

Im going to show you a few favorites of myne for this month. 
These are items i have been loving and constantly using this month. 
If you see anything you would like a review on let me know !!

I have been loving my havaianas this month.
For any of you who dont know these are the best flip flops in the world. 
All celebrities wear them...
I purchased myne from asos last year and they are still strong and going .
I wear them everyday , theyre just so comfortable.
Id rather spent 20 euro on flip flops that will last me years rather than buying 5 euro ones everyday and breaking my legs with them. 
Dont you agree?!? 

Expect to pay around 15-30 euro

The next item i have been loving is my Bioten body lotion .
This is amazing and there are so many reasons why ...
  • It costs around 3-4 euro 
  • It absorbs quickly into your skin 
  • The smell is so nice and discreet 
  • No paraben's 
  • It does its job. 
I feel like this should have been more expensive but hey im not complaining !!
I know in Greece you can find these products at all supermarkets but everywhere else around the world i dont know so heres the website if you contact them , they should be able to help you. 

I have been loving my curlers this month , i dont know why but i feel like summer is all about all sorts of curls . 
I love big curls though !!
I bought these in England from Boots i think they were £30 by Tony and Guy .
They are fab !!
I love the fact the wire attached to the curlers turns with the curler , so basically your not getting knotted up and stuff. 
If you want to buy these im not really sure were to get them from in other countries but i know ebay has them !

Samples ... why you are going to say, ill tell you why.
Samples are great for going on holiday you take them with you , you dont have excess weight and whilst your using them your also trying them out. 
They are also a good if you ever happen to run out of anything .
Dont be shy ask for samples , when you buy a product most companies (especially in Greece) say that your entitled to at least 2 of them for each product you buy. 
If the shop doesnt give you them then its simple dont go there again unless they have a genuine reason.
Shops have given me makeup bags , booklets , samples, keyrings and lots more. 
So get asking !! 

Thats it they have been my favorites this month. 
If you want any reviews on any of these items or have any queries then comment below  or email me  facebook me or twitter me ... hahaha lots of things me !!
Much love xo

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