Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Marovita Hair Conditioning Water 4/5

Macrovita is a natural cosmetics line.
Now due to me having fine hair i noticed a lot of the time my hair was falling out a lot when using conditioner.
This is how i came to buy this product .
I would shampoo my hair and then once out of the shower i would spray this all over , comb it through and then dry my hair. 
Yes i did see a difference for hair loss (even though this product is not designed to help the aid of hairloss)
but it left my hair not as soft as i wanted it .
So i found a better conditioner and what i do now is i use it before drying my hair to soften the hair even more...
and boy does it soften !!
That was my mini story above just to tell you why i had bought it , lets get on with the review.

You should expect to pay for this around 6-10 euro .
I bought myne from my local organic store .
The packaging is very handy , its not difficult to use at all in anyway. 
It lasts long as well ...
It has Red Grape and Avocado in which i loved the smell off. 

I felt it soften my hair with a little help from some conditioner to make it that extra soft. 
I do like it , it just didnt create that click with me for me to become addicted. 
My opinion is pretty much that if you would buy me it i would love it however i wouldnt go out to buy this specific product myself, only if i felt that i needed it which i dont. 

This is what the liquid looks like its almost a white colored solution. 
This product does claim to have sun protection in it and it is organically cultivated. 
So yes it is good product , i do recommend you try out if you get the chance to but i dont know i dont feel like theres something special about it for me to go out and buy it as i feel my conditioner / hair mask does exactly the same job. 

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