Thursday, 30 June 2011

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer First look !

So my parcel finally arrived for any of you who read my twitter you would have seen that i was waiting all morning for 2 parcels .
One came so i will show you the one.
It is the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer 
(matte finish)

Now i dont know if you guys know anything about Murad so ill just tell you briefly that Murad have a good name in the beauty industry. 
My makeup teacher used to work for them in one of the stores in England and she always used to say how good of a brand they are.
So i decided to contact Murad and ask them if they would let me put their brand to the test and of course they agreed. 

So heres the item i was sent ...

I have took photos of the manual inside maybe if you can see well you will be able to read what it says.

So my first opinions are that the packaging is fantastic , it looks so elegant but it does come with a big price tag. 
At 38.00 euro and it is 30ml.
If this product is good then i dont mind paying this price tag, i guess thats why im here to let you know were it is worth splashing your money and keeping it in your pocket. 

I love the texture of this , its almost like a cream with light foundation in it. 
It does have a fragrance but its hard to sniff out the fragrance of this product. 
Its not strong though neither something unbearable.
Its oil free which is a positive for us oily skin sufferers. 
So far so good !!

It claims to minimize pore appearance and has a universal shade that creates a perfect skin tone match.
The matte finish is to balance the oil on our face and neck. 
Im going to let you know guys in a couple of weeks what i think of this so keep a look out in the mean time check the product out here.

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