Saturday, 18 June 2011

My favorite toothpastes !!

So i was brushing my teeth this morning thinking ''hmmm what should i blog about today'', at the same time i happened to be looking at a bunch of toothpastes that i try out all the time to make my teeth look fab. 
Then i said ''yes, toothpastes''!!

So guys im going to inform you about toothpastes that i have tried and felt they are good enough. 
If you want a review on one of these contact me and i will blog it for you !

Smokers have a big problem being 'stains'. No matter how much you brush your teeth they will always be tinted yellow. 
Not good. 
I found this product which has great reviews...

It called Blanx and is made from natural ingredients however i dont feel this when im cleaning my teeth. 
This does its job 10/10 but the chemicals are really harsh against your teeth making them sensitive . 
So i would recommend you use it every 2 days and the other days use a regular toothpaste. 
If you do smoke , you will see a difference !! I promise. 
Blanx toothpaste Stain Removal 8.25 euro

Natural Toothpastes

I have tried one by Korres Anisum and Eucalyptus Whitening toothpaste. 
I really liked it , i felt like it was so friendly to my teeth but i wouldnt suggest it for whitening. 
It doesnt whiten teeth as well as other products . 
If you want a toothpaste to clean teeth in general with natural ingredients , then this is for you!
Korres Toothpaste £5.45 around 5-7 euro . 

Whitening Toothpaste

Beverly Hills Formula has always made that click for me.
It gently makes my teeth more whiter after everytime i brush them. 
The only complaint i have is that they are so hard to find!!
I really do see a difference with them and i love the taste as well. 
If you want whiter teeth then this is for you. 
Beverly Hills Toothpaste costs around £2 a small tube /3-5 euro. 
If you live in Greece Hondos Center sells this brand.

If you want a full review , let me know !!

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