Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nail Tutorial ''Greek Islands at Night ''

I created a new nail tutorial and named it Greek Island at Night , why?
Greek Islands is for the blue and white colors which remind of the house's that are painted white and the crystal blue sea and the Night part is the glitter that has been added on reminded me of something more formal. 

To do this look use any nail polish similar , i will name the polishes i used ... from then on you can choose what you want to use. 
Also please note i do have short nails so ive made this a flexible look for people with short and long nails.

To start off with i always have a magazine underneath so i dont get anywhere dirty. 
Im going to paint my nails with OPI Nail Envy . ( Clear Nail Varnish with vitamins)
This is going to create a shine for my nail polish also make my nail more strong and help it grow. 

Then im going to put 2x coats of OPI Catch Me In Your Net. (blue glitter nail varnish)

Once that has dried well im going to get my nail art varnish (which has a thin brush) and draw a white line in the middle of each nail. This is going to help make the nail appear longer as well as break the blue color. (Golden Rose 101) 

As soon as that dries to make it more glamorous were going to use a nail art varnish and draw on top of the white a silver glitter line. Dont put too much we want to still be able to see the white underneath. 
(Golden Rose 121)

Then on my middle and thumb finger on each hand i placed along the white glitter line aqua and dark blue colored stones with a clear nail varnish securing them in place. These stones create a mosaic almost look and help you make the blue an even more sea like blue. 
And then i just placed a top coat on and thats it !!
(Maybeline Salon Expert 110)

Please do upload photographs if you try this at home on our Facebook Fan page , i would love to see how you got on xo  


  1. Perfect for a night out at a Greek island! ;)
    And i love OPI Catch Me In Your Net on u!!!

  2. @ Argyro Its definitely a summer nail look!! And Thank you very much ! xo