Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pink and Black Nail art for short nails

As you can see i have short nails but that doesnt mean i cant make them look really nice because theyre short.
So heres to all you nail bitters!!
Nail tutorial just for you xo

To start off with this is my nails before .

Im going to use my OPI Nail Envy to give them some vitamins , make them strong and make them shine lots !
(You can use any clear coat for strengthening nails)

Then im going to put a sexy pink color on to contrast very nice against the black .
(Im using OPI Pink Flamenco)

(The mess is because i have short nails , if you have the same problem ignore it and once everything is dry simply wash your hands well and excess nail varnish will come off. I put 2x coats of this on. )

To create this for your thumbs you need to use a nail art nail polish (i used Golden Rose, 3 euro in silver glitter and in black) . You are going to get the black draw a diagonal line and then get the silver glitter polish and draw a one right underneath. Simple. 

My thumb is Number 1 working clockwise to the little finger being number 5. 
Number 1 - See above for how it was done .
Number 2- Painted a coat of OPI black shatter or you can use any other black shatter.
Number 3- 3x diagonal lines using a nail art pen (Golden Rose Black) and 3x below using Silver Glitter (Gloden Rose).
Number 4- See number 2.
Number 5- Draw a thick black line and once dry draw a thin line of silver glitter. 

To Finish the look off add a top coat ( i used Maybeline Salon Expert , top and base coat.)

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