Saturday, 11 June 2011

Smart storage for cotton wool (just like the beauty salons !!)

Cotton wool is one of them things all of us need , but the point is how do we store it ?!? 
This is guaranteed to look gorgeous on your bench with all your cosmetics, tidy and clean. 
So you need to find some sort of container if possible see through (glass) and that has a lid. 

Something along the lines of this ... 
You should be able to get the for about 4 euro normally at supermarkets , they usually sell them for putting coffee, sugar or tea in. 
Try and get it plain so it looks like it is a professional holder.

Something similar to the above design as well , is good as the lid is very flexible and looks very clean once again. 
Obviously as soon as you get the jar wash it out with some washing up liquid or some antibacterial handwash and then dry it with a clean towel and place in your cotton wool . 

You're done !!