Monday, 20 June 2011

Tea talk & Updates

I felt this was a reasonable time to have a small chat with you guys plus i dont have anything to do so ...
Let me introduce tea chat to you .
You make a cup of tea and you sit and talk with me ...
Well technically you are reading and commenting below. 
I want to know your opinions, lets discuss life.
Like us women do.

To start off with the weather is really starting to get nice here and me and my bf are currently looking for places to go on holiday. The thing is im really shocked that the money for me to go on holiday at a local resort here in Greece is the same amount to go abroad. 
I feel at times that Greece charges so much for its own people to go on holiday in Greece that it actually works out cheaper booking it from the UK. 
Crazy right ?!?
But anyway, im sure we will find something.

So the blog is going really well , im so pleased with it and happy everyone else is. Im going to be working with some great companies , well when i say working i mean trying their products out and letting you know wether they are worth it. One of the main reasons for doing this blog was to get my honest opinion out there so you know what to buy and what to expect. 
Greece is especially going through a hard time with the economical situation and the last thing we all need is to spend 100 euro on a cream that doesnt do anything. 
But because Greece is going through this that doesnt necessarily mean that we are going to stop taking care of ourselves, there are plenty of cheap ways to look great. That coffee scrub i made im 100% sure that you already had the ingredients in your house and practically made it 99% free. If you were to go out and buy a good cream for cellulite you would have payed at least 30 euro whereas the coffee scrub does exactly the same at a low price of 0 euro and has no chemicals in :) 

Ive been trying to do a lot of exercise , theres lots of crazy exercises to do whilst your even lying on your bed - makes things much easier. Trying to do some yoga do de-stress from everyday life... and have been eating lots of chocolate. 
So yes ... dieting is going great , i dont understand why us women love chocolate so much , im at a stage were  if i dont get my daily dose then im not going to be a happy woman. 
So guess who is going to have a summer body to die for ... *whistles* WELL its not me so dont look at me , its going to be that girl at the beach we all hate . Right ?!? hahahahahaha

I have some great hair tutorials in mind to show you i just need someone to help me take photographs thats why im delaying. Make up tutorials i can do whenever you want , i just dont know which one to do theres too many to choose from so give me some ideas!! For any of you who dont know im a qualified beauty consultant  so i do know what im talking about :) 
There are going to be some posts as well about fashion and some more DIY remedies. 

If you dont know already if you need any advice , a product testing out , a request and anything else you can contact me via facebook , twitter , commenting below and emailing me at .

Hope you had a nice cup of tea , Elpitha xo 


  1. You're willing to do makeup tutorials? That's great! Maybe sth bold and striking, so that the camera picks up the colours nicely... God knows I've tried to photograph some nice looks- and nothing came through in the end photos :(

  2. I did photography in England and makeup so i have a bit of a head start !! Maybe its the lightening or the camera's mega pixel's... :) xo