Thursday, 30 June 2011

We love Tweezerman...

I know probably about 70% of you have come across tweezerman right ?
You will know how good it is then.
The other 30% probably dont know and need informing...
Now when i first came across them i was like whatttt they are expensive.
Then i came across them again and thought hmmm for them to be so expensive there must be a reason. 

I checked out reviews, their website and youtube.
Everything was so positive so i decided to grab myself a pair and see what all this fuss is about. 
Oh boy , once you go tweezerman theres no going back. 

I got the zebra themed ones , now the only thing i disliked about them was the fact that the deisgn eventually wears off as you will be able to see on myne. 
What makes them so good ?
The precision .
These tweezers are so sharp they pick up every hair you can find plus if they become blunt you can get them sent off to the factory and they will sharpen them again for you for free. 
Now that speaks confidence to me .

This isnt the only thing they have , they have also recently brought out a range of tools lets calls them for blackheads and whiteheads. 
There are also mini scissors available, mini tweezers and tweezers especially designed for ingrowing hairs. 

If you liked Tweezerman and you are thinking about giving them ago or maybe you just need a new pair heres some info. 
Starting prices for normal sized tweezers are 25 euro 
Mini tweezers 17.50 euro 
In general 6.25 euro -50 euro 
To buy them please visit Feel Unique as they offer free worldwide delivery. 

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