Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weleda Citrus Deodorant 4/5

Weleda Citrus Deodorant 30 ml (travel size)

To start off with for some reason i have some sort off allergic reaction to deodorants so i decided to try out a more natural version for under my arms. 
Now Weleda is very famous for being natural and at some points organic. They are often known for their good quality of their products especially their cellulite oil. 
However they are a little bit expensive. 

Moving on the product itself was very nice , it had a citrus/lemon scent to it which i found very fresh like and comfortable. The spray didnt cause me any irritation only if i put a lot of product on me. This product is an almost see through liquid that has a spray dispenser. 
What i really liked was... 
  • Color of the packaging 
  • Scent 
  • Spray dispenser 
  • The size of the product. 
  • The results .
However i really struggled with some parts of this spray for example i found spraying at times very hard because it has to be help upright for the liquid to come out. It doesnt have that technology that sprays at any angle. The bottle itself is made out of glass which looks great but is so hard to carry around with you because your always thinking about wether your going to break it. The size i have is actually the travel size , the normal size looks like a bottle of perfume which again isnt something i want to carry around with me...(photo below is the normal size). 

This spray has lasted me 2 months and overall i did like it but unless they changed the glass packaging id struggle to buy it again. If it breaks its an expensive product to say goodbye too. 

For anyone interested it comes in more scents . 
I purchased from the website below which offers free delivery world wide. 

30 ml - 4.94 euro 
100 ml- 9.94 euro 
Scents available : Sage and Citrus . 

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