Friday, 22 July 2011

Adamo and colorful nail look. 5/5 and Ipanema shoes

i found the best cheap nail varnish which has opi/china glaze results. 
This is what happened ..

Because i was in a rush and in desperate need to liven up my colors i decided to go hunting in town for some nail varnish. Theres this woman in my town who sells China Glaze 11 euro a bottle but its 11 euro and me living in England for 10 years i know for a fact thats a rip off as it only costs around 6 euro in England. I have bought from this woman before but the price just lets me down. I then decided it would be best to buy some nail polish from Hondos Center and couldnt decide which brand. 
Now my aunty told me seventeen nail polish isnt good at all . 
Artemis who writes Beauty with Artemi you can find a link below to that article , wrote that erre due werent that good either. 
So i decided to try Adamo. 

Amazing i think they are about 6 euro. 
On my toes i have 2 coats and on my nails 3 coats. 
The more coats you put on the more shiny it is. 

I was sceptical about the yellow color at first as i noticed you could still see my nail through the polish. I then realised it must be the style of the polish/color because the blue went on perfect in 2 coats.

Please everyone go try out Adamo nail polishes from Hondos Center they are fantastic for a great price. 
I just wish they paid more attention to the brand itself for example if it had a website , nail color ranges that were themed , gift sets etc. 
The packaging is plain and simple im not going to lie but the polish itself is a really good formula. 

Here is what i did with my 2 nail polishes i bought. 

To create this look paint your thumb and big toes yellow and the rest blue. Then draw a gold line of glitter through the yellow and stick on 3 gold diamonds. 

I used :
Adamo (blue ) 106
Adamo (yellow) 119
Maybeline Salon Expert top and base coat 110
Golden Rose 120 

The flip flops are by Ipanema which are a Brazillian company and offer the same quality as Havainnas do. 

I have been wearing these shoes 2 months every day and the quality is amazing they havent broke or anything perfect for the beach. Theres only one little damage that the color has started to wear away. If you want to buy these contact ADAMS SHOES at the link given above and ask for your nearest store. 

Please excuse the messy color stains on my fingers (they were freshly painted ) because i have short nails it hard to have a clean end result :)
Beauty with Artemi post on Erre Due nail polish erre due nail varnish

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