Friday, 15 July 2011

Bio Oil 1/5

This is probably the lowest rating ive ever done but we'll see why...
I dont know if youve heard of Bio Oil , lots of people rave about this and say how amazing it is at removing scars and that it does dry skin miracles. 

Now this product is like an oil with a fragrance to it that it reminds me of an essential oil. 
It is light orange color and can be purchased from practically everywhere in England , i got myne from Boots (im not sure about Greece). Lots of people are selling it on Ebay real cheap though. It costs around 10 euro for this small version of the bottle that i have. 

I bought this to help remove my acne scars but i actually saw no difference and it just made me break out . I then started putting on my legs to help remove my stretch marks and again nothing. 
It gets 1 point because i reccomend this for people with severe dry skin conditions i think this product would help bring the moisture back in your skin. Plus i have noticed all the reviews that were positive were from people who had dry skin, so it must work. 
My skin type is combination to oily for any one interested. 

The packaging was ok and the formula was oily . I hate oily formulas because they make me feel like im clogging up my pores and i like to feel clean especially with my skin being acne prone. Theres not much else i can say to be honest with you. 
Let me know if you have tried it and what you thought of it!!


  1. mm..intresting! thanks for the advice!

  2. That's bad, I had my reservations about the effectiveness od Bio oil on acne scars but I never expected it was THAT bad! Thx for the review xxx

  3. @citygirl you're welcome !!
    @cbsg5861 i have finally got rid of myne , the best way is a dermatologist , he gave me this cream from the chemist that cost 50 euro but it works wonders !! my skin has transformed :) xo

  4. I am really surprised! So many people rave about bio oil ! I was about to order one from feelunique but now i think i won't :p

    thanks :D:D:D

  5. @anastasia if you have dry skin buy it , if you want it to remove acne scars it will break you out sadly xo