Monday, 11 July 2011

Bioten Skin Moisture Cleansing Wipes 5/5

So ive been trying these wipes out for a few days now and boy are they amazing. 
They are cleansing wipes for your face which can be used to remove makeup and to cleanse and moisturize the face and eye area. 

Im not going to lie you know the way i was telling you in my last post about Carroten Facial water how i use to refresh my makeup so it doesnt go all weird... well i use these for the days im not wearing any makeup and want my skin to smell fresh , feel fresh and look fresh. 
I recommend these are used for times such as when you want to wash your face ( splash it with some water and then wipe clean with these) if you are at the beach and your face is getting sweaty then spray some facial water such as Carroten's and use one of these wipes to refresh your skin again. 
Obviously there are girls that use these for removing makeup and thats fine.

Lets talk about the product ...
You get 20x wipes that are paraben free and have been dermalogically tested. 
These have Vitamin E in and extracts of Quince and Nectar. 
When applied to my eyes it didnt cause any reaction (my eye area is quite sensitive) .
The wipes themselves have a nice texture to them if you can see which for some weird reason feels more comfortable against your skin when massaging it on. 

This can be purchased practically everywere in Greece and for anyone outside of Greece if you can please contact Bioten themselves at
These can be purchased for a staggering 2.70 euro . 

Let me know if you have tried them out and what you thought of them.
I carry them everywere with me :)
(my wipes are for normal to combination skin) 


  1. Fainontai poly kala!
    Nice review :)

  2. @artemi euxaristo poli ... ondos einai iperoxa xo