Friday, 8 July 2011

Carroten Facial Water 5/5

What i love about these facial waters are that they are handy especially for us women who wear makeup.
Why ?
Because when we begin to sweat from the heat and our makeup melts off , i tend to spray this on my face till it completely cools down and then either re-powder (depends on what makeup your wearing) or just leave it the way it is. 
That is what i love about these products. 
Every woman should have one in her bag to carry with her during emergencies or even if youre not wearing any makeup, who wants to be sat in front of a whole bunch of people with sweat running down their face. 
This is also a good way to refresh your body or even smelly feet and then once cool but a fragranced spray on them to keep them smelling sweat free. 

Carroten has been my favorite version so far . 
It is a huge bottle (150ml) 
It is Natural Mineral Water from the German Alps that refreshes and tones your skin. 
100% Natural & pure 
Preservatives Free
The best thing about it is that it only costs around 5 euro.

Its the cheapest and best quality product i have used thus far.
I got myne from Alpha Bita (Greek supermarket) 
for more information visit 

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