Friday, 1 July 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge 5/5

Now that it is summer our skin becomes very dry from the sun. 
A good way to refresh it and bring back its moisture is this cream by Clinique .
Moisture Surge - extended thirst relief .
Now i got myne free in England when buying 2 Clinique products .
(for any of you interested its the face cleanser for oily skin and the lash primer)
It came along with a makeup bag and so on but anyway.

Myne is 30ml and it is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.
The woman at the counter told me that this cream is suitable for all skin types which i agree too.
That you can put it on as a cream or you can just use it a mask form (meaning placing it for 15 minutes then washing it off) to me that was pointless as it dissolves straight away.

I recommend all of you to have some sort of moisture cream all year around for that once in a month time where you feel your skin needs that hydration back.
If you have dry skin then of course do use it everyday. 
I apply it 3-4 times a month .

I love the way it leaves my skin feeling so soft. 
The cream is pink color and has a thick texture but its very light.
When applied to skin i feel like it almost melts and turns into water.
There is no fragrance in this product. 
It does last long and i do feel like i see results in my skin. 

Thats what i love about Clinique their light , non fragrance creams that feel so comfortable on my face. 
Yes i would buy this again and the only thing i would change about it is the price tag (even thought the quality is wow, im just being picky)
Can i also state that this isnt the full size , the price given below is for full size.
You can buy this at your local beauty store or online at...
around 25-30 euros 

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  1. I love that Clinique caters for every skin type, my mum has very-very dry skin and she uses a Clinique moisturiser for that purpose. I don't think there is another brand that makes 4 different kinds of a moisturiser of the same label!

    Thanks for the review ;)