Saturday, 9 July 2011

DIY Salt Spray and what i think of it,

So i decided to do the DIY salt spray yesterday and i was really excited for it.
I had clearly forgotten all about the way your hair feels and looks after it being washed with salt.
Not good. 
Anyway heres how i did it i think the pictures speak for themselves. 
An empty bottle to place the product in.
Salt (you will notice i use a mixture of normal salt and crystal salt)

I make one of these so the salt goes in the bottle without getting everywhere. 

This is what it looks like once shook well. 



Ok im not going to lie this was one of the worst DIY things i have made. I always heard people raving about this spray but all it did for me was cover me in salt , leave white marks in my hair and my shoulders, make my hair feel sooooo dry and greasy looking. 

But technically it was beach hair because your hair does go that horrible dry feeling when you are at the beach. It does feel like you have salt everywhere and it does go so horrible that you have to wash it as soon as you get to your hotel / house. 

Let me know guys was this recipe i was given wrong , or is this the result you were expecting . Have you tried this and if so how did it go?!?  

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