Monday, 18 July 2011

F.A.M.E Hair fake ponytail . 5/5

I was so excited when i first seen this , it is amazing. 
It has a hair grip on the back and some ribbon to tie it.
To make it look as natural as possible i suggest picking a color closest to your hair and having some help handy. 

So what you want to do is first of all tie your hair up normally in a high ponytail i recommend (because the extension creates a bump) and then grip it onto your head and tie around the pony tail and tuck in the ribbon . 
Now i know you cant see my pony tail well and thats because i didnt have anyone around with me that day to help me take the photo well. 

What i thought of it ? Its fantastic and cheap . It instantly reminded me of a look by Kim Kardashian. You know hair sleeked back and then long black hair. 
Take advantage of this pony tail and create a huge hair bun which is very in at the moment !!

Theres nothing more that i can say apart from get yourself a fake ponytail now !! :)
To buy , click here.

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