Tuesday, 5 July 2011

F.a.m.e Nail wraps how to and review

So guys as you know from my last post i mentioned some stuff about f.a.m.e stuff i was sent to try out. 
Now i was so excited i immediately started using these nail wraps.
I took photographs of the application so you can see how i did it. 

To start off you are going to need a cuticle pusher, some tweezers, a hairdryer ,scissors and nail cutter.
To begin with get your piece of paper with the stickers and cut them all individually. 

Once cut the nail wraps you need to get a cuticle pusher and push your cuticles as far back as you can .

Then you are going to a get your tweezers pick your sticker up and heat with your hairdryer for around 6 seconds. 

Then apply to your nail quickly and push the cuticle pusher towards the end of your nails to get rid of any air lumps in the stickers.

Dont make the mistake i did , dont use scissors to trim any excess use a nail cutter because it is more precise and easy!!

Thats it your done !!

Now let move on to a quick review of these. 
I loved these but i came across a problem with them later on the night they started coming off to a point were i took them all off because they were annoying me. 
I recommend using nail glue or a clear nail varnish beneath to help them stick. 
Apart from that they are amazing so quick and simple. 
When i showed everyone them they were really enthusiastic about them. 
The good thing about these are that they are waterproof and hey dont destroy your nails.
They will look even better on long nails.

These cost £9.99 which is around 13 euro. 
You can purchase them here.
Have you ever tried nail wraps ?!? Let me know what you think of them :)

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