Thursday, 14 July 2011

Korres vs Bioten Body lotion

Let the battle commence !!

Korres Jasmine Body Milk 
Bioten Intensive Moisturising Body Lotion .

Korres Jasmine Body Milk
  • It has 93.5 % Natural Content.
  • It doesnt test on animals .
  • It suitable for vegetarians /vegans 
  • I love the informative column on the side of it that tells you the facts what it has got in and what it hasnt.
  • No parabens.
  • The packaging looks and feels nice.
  • The packaging can be recycled. 
  • 200 ml = around 7 euro
  • It has Organic extracts.
  • It helps enhance skin suppleness and moisturizes. 
  • The product itself is thick .
  • It smells a lot and lasts
  • When applied to the skin it absorbs quickly but remains 'wet' on skin for a further 10 minutes. 

Bioten Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion (Yoghurt and Bamboo)

    • No parabens 
    • The formula is a 'absorb quickly' 
    • It nourishes and soothes.
    • Its not greasy .
    • The packaging is easy to use.
    • The packaging is cheap looking. 
    • Dermalogically Tested.
    • It doesnt state wether it tests on animals or not.
    • 250ml = 3.85 euro only !!
    • The smell is discreet and very nice.
    • The formula is light.
    • It absorbs quickly as it states.

Ok guys so those are the facts now heres my opinion. 
Korres of course is a more luxurious item to buy and the packaging is so nice if you were gifting it. I would recommend it for a fragrance lover which im not. Dont get me wrong im a huge fan of Korres but i hate Body lotions that smell a lot, i feel like thats the showergel's job not the body lotions. I would buy again if it had a more discreet fragrance and for a gift for someone. I like that Korres however stands for so many things and states them on the side of their bottle. I believe the price is worth the product.

Bioten now i was sent one of these and i have bought one of these as well from Veropoulos because i like it so much. If youre like me and you hate body lotions that smell a lot then this is for you. It also absorbs quickly which is another bonus because im so lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. I exepected more from Bioten when i heard the name , it reminds me of something ecological and organic but as far as i can see its not neither and if it is , start doing what Korres does and state it on your bottle. Bioten is a good option in general for people who dont have a lot of money to splash on products or who just dont like to. This is because it is paraben free , so its a healthy lotion plus it does what it says on the bottle. 

So wether your a smelly lover or a discreet lover check them out and let me know what you thought :)


  1. exw ena ntemakigiaz matiwn ts bioten k einai polu kalo ! ;)

  2. den to exo dokimasi , tha kanoniso na to paro kapia stigmi :) xo