Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Material Necklace Review 4/5

This necklace was sent to me by no fashion way .
Ive got to admit it was the first time i had ever gotten a material necklace so i was really enthusiastic to see how it would turn out. 
This is handmade and has an orange/ dark pink  colored pattern on it. 
The back of it is tied with a knot.

I really love this because it is so bright and colorful and practically went with anything i wore. 
I suggest you wear this for an everyday look with a plain tshirt, vest top  !!
You can also wear this as a bracelet :) 

The only thing i found with it was the fact that because of it being material it absorbs scents and dirt. 
The best thing to do is to not spray any perfume near this necklace and once it seems to be dirty get some washing powder for clothes wet the necklace and scrub it and then rinse. (hand wash basically)
This for me is were it lost its point because it needs that extra effort. 
The only thing i would change about this is maybe if the material was 100% cotton so it would breathe out all environmental smells.
To buy this then please click the link below .
16 euro 

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