Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nails and Adam's Shoes mini review 5/5

I was sent these amazing flip flops by Adam's Shoes as you can see below. 
What i love about these shoes are the fact that they are so casual yet different. 
What really attracted me to these shoes was the quality of the shoe for example at the photos below i show you the thickness of the 'shoes/heel' which obviously means that these shoes arent going to be another pair of shoes that get torn apart. 

I love the detail on the shoes as well , notice the different colored beads and the ribbons that are tied on so delicately.

These are perfect for a stroll around the town if you are on holiday or for a lunch time meal .
I would even wear these to work because they dont look like plain flip flops , they look smart casual and would look really good as shown below with a soft peach color nail varnish and a jumpsuit.

With a shoes like this you want to make sure you tone down the nail polish as there is already too much going on with the shoe itself. 
If i could change one thing about these it would be for them to come out in more color tones.
Adam's Shoe's can be found in most retailers for your local retailer please contact them at

Color is by Melon of Troy (OPI) 
This is from a couple of years back so i dont know if you can still get this color. 
Flip Flops by Adam's Shoes 35 euro 
To purchase the shoes contact Adam's Shoes via this link .

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