Saturday, 2 July 2011

Shopping haul and presents

Hi there!
Today i went on a shopping spree well a little one to get a few essentials i needed so heres some photos for you all to see !!

Nothing wow but still !!
Im so excited to use the ysl lipstick <3 

The ysl lipstick is in the shade 26 from the rouge pure shine range.
I love the funky packaging its so gadget. 
Now this i bought from Hondos Center 29.93 euro is the original price and i got it 22 euro .
Now i will be testing this out and wearing it with my bronzed style makeup .
Im going to try and hunt for a lipliner and lipgloss to match it. 

The samples are as shown below.
Apart from ysl perfume sample which i obviously got from purchasing the lipstick all the other ones are from a store that sells all organic food and natural creams which i adore. Luckily enough we are good friends with this lady and she gave me quite a lot of samples as you can see. 
Always ask for them !! 

The flower clip, cotton buds and reval hand sanitizer are all from Hondos center. 
The flower is so in this year i cant wait to wear it in my hair. (2.50 euro)
The cotton buds , i get these ones because they are the safest kind to use for your ear to clean them. (0.99 euro)
The reval hand sanitizer is a mini version of it im so obsessed with having my hands clean because i have read a lot of articles about how much bacteria our hands do carry. (1.50 euro in lemon)

Presents !!
Yey i love presents and i especially love the stuff my aunty brings me. 
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 
Multi purpose care
Nourishes, repairs , softens with 6 precious oils and vitamin e. 
Ill be testing that out !!
My aunt says apparently you put it on the ends of your hair , your body and your face.
Interesting ...

This bronzer/shimmer which looks fab by the Body Shop i think its from the Honey Bronze collection ... im not sure. 
Theres no code on these.
Of course its rude to ask how much they cost , so sorry guys i dont know...

Have you been shopping lately ? Have you bought any of the items above , if so let me know how you got on with them. 

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