Friday, 29 July 2011

Take a look at some Kiehls i got !

I was sent two lovely things from Kiehls. 
  • Ultra facial oil-free lotion 
  • Olive Fruit oil nourishing shampoo. 

These lovely items were sent with a great paper hand bag and a note from the kind staff of Kiehls. 
First impressions were great because i thought how kind of them to write a hand written note to me to let me know that they are hoping i enjoy this package and the items and also recommended to me to take the mini travel size shampoo with me on my holidays which i thought to be sooo thoughtful of them. 
Because i lived in England 10 years i value a lot customers service/relations and how the company is towards us customers. I wrote the above part for any of you who are looking for a kind and thoughtful company and might find this useful. 

The items themselves are very cute and informative, they come as they are seen. 
(i will be testing these out and reviewing these for you guys.) 

Ultra Face oil Free Lotion 
This is for normal to oily combination skin . 
(fantastic news for me as that is exactly my skin type) 
It is paraben , silicone, fragrance and oil free. 
It claims to make your skin healthier and fresher looking all day. 
It helps your skin balance the right amount of oil needed and helps to keep your face shine free all day. 
You can apply this day and night. 

29 euro 

Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo 
This is for dry to damaged hair/ under nourished . 
(again great news for me) 
I couldnt find any information on the bottle that says what the ingredients are free off (this could be because its sample size) .
It claims to help fortify and moisturize your hair leaving it manageable and supple. 
(it was inspired by traditional homemade recipes) 
Its ideal for hair that is excessively styled by heat , over exposed to the sun and chemical processed. 

23.50 euro 
(please note i have a sample size. 

So thats it for now from these items you will be seeing them soon!! Keep a look out and go check them out at the following links . 

Purchase at Kolonaki and Glyfada Hondos Center and Attica Derpatment Stores 
For anyone outside of Greece then follow the link below to find out more information for your local store. 

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