Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tea talk time

Its that time again were we have a break from beauty and talk. 
Grab your tea and lets talk !!

As you know im holding a competition for one lucky person to win an OPI mini hand cream which ends in a couple of days and then straight after i have a new competition for you which i really think you are going to like. 
I know they are all small but i said to myself ...
Isnt it better we have small competitions and a lot of them or a big one once in a century?!?
So let me know if you are happy with the way i am doing the competitions. 

If you can remember a couple of days ago i did the blog post named 
Which was all about all of us purchasing any anti cellulite/ tightening cream to try it out. 
I really do want to put these creams to the test so i have started dieting. 
My diet consists of eating very small meals that are healthy. 
Boy am i hungry !!
(if you send me a bar of chocolate and dont tell anyone i will make you win the competition !! just joking) 
Life is so hard without chocolate thats all i can say. 

I would like to give huge shout out to all the girls from the Greek Beauty Bloggers Network which you will find on the left hand side. 
I believe we are one of the most nicest, team working networks that exist. 
We all write about the same thing but we are all so unique in the way we write our blogs which is the best thing of all. 

Ever since beginning this blog i have totally forgot about fashion and i am always focused on beauty. 
If you'd known me before i was always the girl that would be focused on fashion but aint it weird how i have actually turned into beauty. When im out in the shops i am constantly thinking and breathing about this blog, i will look all around me to find my inspiration and my motivation for what i will write about yet. 

Ive got to say i went to Hondos Center a couple of days ago to buy a new lipstick, the one we have here only has Dior , YSL, Lancome that kind of stuff. Theres no mac or chanel sadly. 
I went in anyway and i started looking around and swatching all the lipsticks to find what i was looking for , until a lady came over and started getting involved with what i was doing. This could be an English habbit i have from England because im so used to not having anyone right on top of me after i have said to them i dont need any help. To continue anyway i told her i didnt need any help and she insisted to me ''what are you looking for ?'' I said to her'' a nude color''. She showed me all dark brown colors that they had and i was like no i think i will be taking this one ( a nude color i had found). I then asked for a lip pencil and she showed me a dark brown again and i was ready to say you are you actually kidding me . My point is i hate it when people who dont have a clue about color combination and makeup in general try to get involved , shouldnt these people be receiving training. Im 20 years old im not going to do my lips like a 70 year old woman would...

Moving on to my blog now i want to do so many tutorials its so hard though for me to show you them but i am going to try my best. 
I want to know if you have any requests for anything you want me to review or blog about then let me know!
I want you to leave a comment below if you are reading tell me your news , tell me your opinion on what i have wrote :)
(i try to make the photographs as funny/interesting as possible ) 

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