Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tea Time

So lets talk whats new in my life and in the beauty industry

I want to start off by saying the most exciting news but i dont have a clue how im going to get my hands on it. The Kardashians have brought out a range of nail polishes by Nicole OPI . Here they are below ..
You can find here more details about them .
Ive got to say im loving the dark blue , gold ,silver sparkly one , the grey/pink sparkly one and the green.

So lets talk about the blog now. 
I have contacted Peta which is a worldwide animal rights company and they have sent me some leaflets and stickers of things to do with beauty ... for example why you shouldnt buy from companies that test on animals . My plan is when i hold a giveaway im going to place in the parcel when you receive your prize a couple of leaflets and stickers. I feel like here in Greece people still dont care about animals , i mean im not a vegetarian or a huge animal fan but i cant stand it when i see dogs all over the streets of Greece . Why allow your dog to get pregnant if you cant look after it. So i thought i would try and get a message across to Greece especially start taking notice of the animals, this poster i read said even if you place a bowl of water outside your entrance so if a dog is thirsty it can come and drink some water. I want to try and work with more charities and take advantage of the traffic i have on my blog. I am particularly interested in a charity for people with special needs but i cant find one here in Greece , if you know of one please let me know below. 

Moving on to holidays , by the looks of things me and my boyfriend are going to go to Sandorini with the aeroplane thank god for that , if we went buy bus and ship it would have took so long. 
This is the plan so far and hopefully if everything goes ok will get it booked. 

I have some hair tutorials i want to do which i always go on about im just waiting for my cousins to come back so they can photograph me doing them but its so hard via photos to show your every move. Im always thinking about doing videos for youtube but then something puts me off and i dont know what it is.  I am still dieting and using my Bioten cream to see how well it works . I have signed up to this website  which is really good you input your daily calories and exercise and it tells you when you should lose the weight by. Whenever i get around to doing an outfit of the day again let me know if ive lost weight or if ive put it on :(.

I want to ask one final thing from you guys please let me know if you have any requests , if theres something you want me to try out or something to show you. Your opinion matters!!
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Kisses Elpitha xo

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