Saturday, 9 July 2011

Thessaloniki mini trip and mini haul

We happened to have to go to Thessaloniki for a couple of jobs so i decided i would take a few photographs show you how boiling hot the day was yesterday and my mini shopping haul from the gigantic Hondos Center. 
Im wearing coral like lipstick by Body Shop (68) , Earrings by 'Vraxiolakia kai alla', Sunglasses by Christian Dior and my flower clip is by Hondos Center. 

This was in Ikea Thessaloniki i absolutely loved some of the furniture for the bathroom and i cam across two that i thought are amazing ideas for anyone beauty obsessed . 
This one reminds me so much of Hollywood with the lights , just sitting there doing your makeup would make you feel so glamorous. 

The next one if you notice close has a place for makeup brushes which i really loved and has lots of space to place your makeup on. 

This is some of the views from where we were. (IKEA , Hondos Center)

And of course every beauty bloggers paradise a gigantic Hondos Center. 
Numerous of times i had gone past this when going to Thessaloniki airport and i was always curious about it. 
I can tell you its amazing!!

Its even bigger than what it seems. 
So i got the following stuff from there the only complaint i had was i was so excited to get some Mac products and the lady at the counter really annoyed me. I was trying to get her attention to buy some of the stuff and she was miles away. So i left... But on the good side look what else i got , its nothing wow (im actually saving up because im going on holiday soon and to Athens) .

Carroten Facial Water ( yes another one because i love it)
Herbal Essences hair mask for the ends of your hair ( i swear by this , this helps my hair grow faster and stay in healthy condition , ill review it soon oh its my second tub)
Pom Pom Cotton Discs
Mini bath pearls and a heart shaped soap.
Apivita Express Beauty with Aloe (face mask)
Apivita Express Beauty with ginko biloba (eye mask) 
Samples by Apivita , Pencils from IKEA and Lighter and wipes from Hondos Center. 

I can tell you so far the apivita masks are 100% better than Korres go try one out 3,20 euro.


  1. Kalws orises! <3 polu wrea pragmata agorases megia! :D

  2. Apollonia Politeia is my makeup heaven...and the view from the coffee is outstanding...!

  3. @fashionsugarbubbles ginete na agoraseis asxima pragmata apo to Hondos , i times mono einai asximes :p

    @Demi sounds great !! xo