Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Adams Shoes Collection !!

Here are a few pair of shoes Adams shoes wanted to show you from their SS11 collection . 
Dont forget the prices i note are the original prices im sure now their at a discounted price , a great bargain for next year to keep to the side !

These high heel shoes are like a twist between ankle boots and a stiletto . They are brown leather material that is fastened with straps and the ankle part of it basically has holes all around it which is a positive in many ways as it gives your feet the benefit of breathing in hot temperatures and also give a sporty like couture to them.  

These are a denim platform and have a leather buckle on the front . Denim shoes are a nice summer accessory to wear with some black leggings and a long top for a casual but chic look. 

My favorite of all shoes. These have silver leather detail all around with a small crystal like hanging of the front of the shoe. These can be worn all year around but of course they look better in spring , summer with a black dress or a long maxi dress. These shoes for me say sexy and elegant. 

These shoes are bright red and have the shiny kind of effect to them with a red bow on them. i would recommend wearing these shoes with a 60's style dress that is about knee length and finishes like an 'A' . To complete the look wear some black eyeliner on your top lid and some red lipstick. This shoe speaks classy to me. 

59 euro by Adams shoes.

179 euro by Manas lea Foscati 

49 euro by Adams Shoes

45 euro by Adams Shoes. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these then you can take a closer look at them at them following link and also contact them here to find out your nearest store or any other way you can buy these. 

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